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Sukwha Kim, President of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics
Honorable Members of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics,

The Korean Society of Medical Informatics (KOSMI) was founded in 1987 through the joint efforts of the medical, academic, and industrial communities to meet the social needs for information-oriented society. It has since expanded its transdisciplinary activities by involving researchers in medicine, nursing, public health, computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, industrial engineering, and business informatics.

In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting rapid changes in the medical environment, medical data coupled with the latest telecommunication technologies has come into the limelight as a means to provide patient-centered services conneted not only with hospitals, but also with local communities. At a time when the importance of sharing and using medical data is being emphasized more than ever, KOSMI is expected to have extended roles and responsibilities.

To expand the use of medical data, KOSMI academically reviewed various pending issues related to medical data such as the Electronic Medical Records certification, three major data privacy laws and healthcare information exchange and also cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and its affiliated organizations (Korea Health Information Service, Korea Social Security Information Service) for policy endeavors.

KOSMI is committed to making its best efforts, through the use of medical data, to prioritize the realization of medical values including patients' safety, improvement of the quality of medical services, cost effectiveness, and emphasis on medical consumers, as well as to make positive contributions to academic achievements, industrial innovation, and government policies. This year, KOSMI is particularly focusing on settling the Electronic Medical Records certification system, narrowing the medical data gaps in the Seoul area and other provincial areas, My Healthway project, research on non-face-to-face medical services, online academic activities, SCIE registration of Healthcare Informatics Research, and vitalization of the health IT industry.

I cordially ask for the continuing interests and active participation in KOSMI.
Thank you.

February 2021
Sukwha Kim, President of the Korean Society of Medical Informatics
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