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Mission KOSMI Korean Society of Medical Informatics
The Society was established by leaders in the academia and industry of healthcare informatics fields to meet the social demands for advancing information society. The activities of the present society are focused on healthcare areas including, but not limited to, medicine, dentistry, traditional Korean medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.
The Society also welcomes disciplines, such as computer science, industrial engineering, and information business informatics.
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사이트 정보

회사명 : 회사명 / 대표 : 대표자명
주소 : OO도 OO시 OO구 OO동 123-45
사업자 등록번호 : 123-45-67890
전화 : 02-123-4567 팩스 : 02-123-4568
통신판매업신고번호 : 제 OO구 - 123호
개인정보관리책임자 : 정보책임자명