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History KOSMI Korean Society of Medical Informatics
The KOSMI (Korean Society of Medical Informatics) was founded in 1987 to serve as a forum for both academic and industrial scientists in healthcare informatics. For the past 25 years, members of the KOSMI have sponsored academic meetings, professional events, and research programs through the individual and collective efforts in Korea and beyond.
The Journal of KOSMI (JKOSMI; ISSN: 1225-8903) had been published mainly in Korean from 1995 to 2009. The JKOSMI has been accredited by the Korea Research Foundation since 2006 and considered one of the prestigious academic journals in Korea. As a successor to the JKOSMI, the Healthcare Informatics Research (HIR; pISSN: 22093-3681; eISSN: 2093-369X) has published peer-reviewed research articles quarterly in English since 2010. The HIR continues to attract global readers and reinforce its commitment to the field of healthcare informatics.
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